Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chaton Montee: Mysterious Swarovski Element

I had never heard these words before, I don't know if that means I am out of the loop or if this is more of an obscure product name. Not sure, but now that I know about them, it was only fair that I spread the knowledge!!

Knowledge is power, right? Does that go for bead knowledge? If you are not aware of a particular bead, could you be missing out on making your life's masterpiece?!! :) Okay, I'm getting a tad dramatic there, so on to the bead!

I discovered this swarovski elements product in the Rings & Things catalog and honestly just thought they were cute little sew on type beads. Well, who knew they had such a mysterious name: Chaton Montee.

I searched on google and found some info on the Eni Oken & Friends website, Jewelry Lessons. The page I found describing chaton montee on this site was informative AND had a couple great pictures of pieces using these components. Apparently the simple description of Chaton Montee is sew-on mounted rhinestone.

I have lots of ideas for these little guys, but am still in the experimental phase. I will keep you posted on final designs!!


Carol said...

Thanks for posting about these. I have never seen them before and the minute I saw them I knew I would be ordering some. I'm going over to check them out now.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I've never seen these before, but they have piqued my interest!!! I look forward to seeing what you do with them!
"Chaton Montee" sounds French to me but then I don't speak french so I don't actually know...:0)???

Dave Robertson said...

Lisa, it's so obvious now. I plugged "chaton montee" into an online translation site. I was told it means an "assembled kitten". Oh, duh! :)

(@Rings_Things on Twitter)