Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gourmet Chocolate Cupcake Bead

Can you believe this was an extra free gift from Studio Marcy? She sent this in the package with the doggy bead I posted last Thursday. I just love this yummy bead and it sure would hit the spot right about now! I haven't had chocolate in a while and this gourmet cupcake looks like it would be very tasty!

I am in awe of bead makers who can design a bead and bring it to life with a torch, that is amazing! I am a great fan of these artisans and am always so pleased to come across a blog that provides a glimpse into the world of bead making! It truly is an artform that takes time to learn, develop and hone.

If you have a favorite bead maker's blog that you follow, please share website or link if you have a minute!


DoYouLoveLucy said...

I LOVE CUPCAKES! Very talented! I don't know how to make so cute!

Azure Islands Designs said...

So cute...I would love to be able to make lampwork beads, but right now I have more than I can handle...maybe some day I'll make time!!!

I recently bought these
while not as intricate I thought they were so pretty, and would make a great pair of earrings. I like this designers beads a great deal...