Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nice Bright Spacers

These bright silver toned spacers have unlimited uses. My Dad was so kind to split a long strand of them with me. My half of the strand was long enough to fit around my wrist which was pretty cute all by itself. These extremely bright silver spacers always look great with bold colored crystals.
I'm thinking of using several spacers together as a unit amongst lots of strung crystals as well as some dangling crystals along the entire length.

These might also be nice used in an anklet because of the light weight and I do not think they are covered in a metal finish so they would hold up nicely if you showered or waded in them. Lots of small dangling bicones among an entire strand of these would be cute too.

Yay, the weekend is coming!! I need to plan what is going to be made during craft time!


Nyblaque said...

These are some shiny pretties!I LOVE those glass bead drop you have from an earlier post. Thank you for following and posting a comment about my spiral earrings;-) i really appreciate it.


The Beading Gem said...

A whole bunch of them together will be stunning. One of my beaders did just that for a necklace - only by accident as she thought they were one piece!!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great spacers...I've been meaning to make a bracelet with something similiar to these as I like the simplicity of it but haven't gotten around to it...

Studio618 said...

Just letting you know that I gave you the Kreative Blog Award on my blog. The post is up right now - Hope I can send some people your way.