Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here Comes the Sun!!

Today's bead was featured in yesterday's photo, but it really deserves a day of its own! I'm thinking this might not be considered a bead or pendant, but that's what is so great about individual can be anything I want it to be!! :)

This fabulous "crystal prism sun" from Rings & Things is a whopping 40mm's and seems like it belongs in the middle of a Sherlock Holmes detective story. He and Watson are always trying to return a missing diamond or treasure to its rightful owner such as the "star of Rhodesia" or the "Blue Carbunkle". Yes, in addition to being a bead fanatic, I have plenty of other branches of fanatacism. Our extensive Sherlock Holmes DVD collection is just the tip of the iceberg! :)

I included a link to the prism in the online R&T's catalog above so you could get a better look at it. IT IS AWESOME!! The people I have shown it to in real life were all in awe and their comments were the same, "it looks like a huge diamond"!! A couple of women, in jest, put it on top of their fingers to see what kind of a ring it would make.

Even though this "bead" is so large, I am going to work it into a piece of jewelry. It would also look pretty hanging as a sun catcher in a window or car, but it would seem like such a waste of coolness not to wear it!

By the way, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the current contest going on over at Rings & Things. All you have to do is post a product review of something you previously purchased and you will have an opportunity to win a $50 gift certificate!!!!

There is also a "blog partners program" link on their website that you might be interested in!


Dave Robertson said...

Fantastic, are you going to make a crown out of it? :) It's so big I think I'd hurt my finger if it was on a ring!

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Nyblaque said...

good lord!! thats a ROCK! its so brilliant! beautiful beautiful piece

Azure Islands Designs said...

Wow...I just love sparkly beads, don't you!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!