Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Blue Beads Please!

The sky this afternoon was such a gorgeous, deep blue with just the right amount of swirly white clouds. It was a joy to drive home on the freeway with so much blue to see.

As I was looking through containers of beads, I came across a nice deep blue bead and thought it would be fun to make a bead mix with blues the color of this afternoon's sky.

Well, much to my dismay and disbelief, I found that most of the blue beads in my collection are some variation of aqua blue! What a shock, considering blue has been my favorite color since childhood. At some point my favorite shade took a turn toward the caribbean! I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering how much I have enjoyed our tropical vacations.

It is clear that I need to do something about this shortage!
In the mean time, I will enjoy the blue beads I do have. Have a great evening!


The Bead Board said...

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Kokopelli said...

Blue? I heard someone say blue? I absolutely love blue (beads)! And I know what you mean with a beautiful blue sky. I was sitting here the whole morning and make my first spiral rope, the garden door is open and the sun comes in. Yes, sometimes life is full of joy!