Sunday, April 26, 2009

Indian Pink Swarovski

What a great job it would be to make up new colors for swarovski crystals!! How do you determine that there is a gap in the swarovski color catalog somewhere? Why add a shade of pink? Were there focus groups where beaders were polled to find out what color they'd like to see? Did someone receive some divine intervention during a meditative session? Is there a list of "beads in waiting" that patiently sit still on the side lines awaiting approval year after year? Are there scientific methods for identifying color matches or contrasts for the new beads to make sure they will "fit in" with the existing swarovski colors?

Hmm... While I'd really be interested in finding out the answers to those questions, I don't really NEED to know in order to appreciate their selections! One of the new swarovski colors pictured here is the indian pink bicone. I had photographed it next to the 2xab capri blue bicone recently and liked the combination so I left them in the background just for fun!

I received the indian pink bicones from Rings&Things recently and now I'm wondering if they have any inside info on how new colors are developed at Swarovski. If Dave R. from Rings & Things stops by in the near future, hopefully he'll let us all know.

Here's hoping that you all have a great new week!!


WireMySoul said...

This is one gorgeous pink! What a job that would be though, huh? "Attention employees, the new colour for this quarter is 'pea soup green.' I repeat, 'pea soup green.' That is all."

Dawno said...

You ask a very good question! Maybe it's Indian pink because of the popularity of/Oscar award to Slumdog Millionaire? Is pink a popular color in Bollywood movies? Would be very interesting to know!

Dave Robertson said...

Great question, Lisa. I wonder if we can find this out through our Swarovski representative! I'll let you know if I can find anything out... :)


AJ said...

I'm pretty sure that Swarovski develops their new colors based on fashion predictions. Notice that brown has been hot for a while, and we got colors like Mocca and Sand Opal. Padparadscha came out around the same time that clothes of that color started showing up on store racks.

Just my observation, of course. I could be wrong :)

Carole said...

Ooooo, pink and

JustATish said...

i do loves these beads.