Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fire New Jade

Today's beads are 13x6mm "Fire New Jade" according to the label. From what I understand this is a version of serpentine jade: A variety of the mineral serpentine resembling jade in appearance and used as an ornamental stone.

I like the light tones in these beads and would like to use them in the same piece of jewelry for an earthy, summery vibe. A double strand bracelet made with these would showcase the contrasts between the beads. I'd like to find some small matte gold seed beads to place in between them. I think this might actually be my opportunity to use some light colored sea glass in a piece of jewelry.

I received a small jar of sea glass from a sister in-law a couple years ago, who had brought it back from Maine, and have had thoughts of using it, but never really knew how. I happened to come across a great blog of a fellow jewelry designer/crafter at Kokopelli Design in Germany who is also starting to work with sea glass. While reading her blog, I discovered there is a social network for sea glass artists. I'm going to have to study up a bit, but will keep you posted.

Have a great evening!


JustATish said...

these are great! where did you get them?

Anne said...

Thank you, Lisa, for your nice comment and your interest. You are very welcome to post my wire-string art on your blog.
I just wish I could sign up as a follower because I like what I see, but can't get to click in.

Lisa said...

Hi Tish! I was feeling a bit spoiled and didn't mention that these were also a gift from my Dad from his bead shop in Florida. I checked their online shop and they don't mention them, but it is called the Anderson's Bead Room. I did some other searches, but couldn't find those exact beads. However, I did find some large fire new jade rounds on Ebay that were gorgeous!

Hope said...

I love these beads. I actually have similar ones in a more amber-brown color that I've been saving for the fall. Thanks for sharing!

Kokopelli said...

Hi Lisa,

thanks for the compliments on my blog! You're always welcome!
Please post when you did anything with your sea glass. I always like to see how fellow beaders master that challenge.