Monday, April 20, 2009

Mini Works of Art

I wish I could send you all a strand of these gorgeous stones. The tag just reads "mother of pearl". I almost hate to seperate them, they look so pretty all strung together.

The thing is, I think each one could be showcased as a mini work of art. As a matter of fact, I learned quite a bit about mini works of art during the Artiscape event I attended recently. I didn't realize the popularity of creating journals and artist trading cards.

Looking through the showroom/studio at European Papers was quite an eye opener. There were so many interesting and cool tools and supplies that I had never seen before. There was a tiny little artist canvas probably 2 inches square that could be displayed on a little easel.

Wouldn't it be fun to display a cool bead on an easel as a miniature work of art. I'm thinking I should have bought one of those easels so I could convert it to a display piece for a single bead!! What do you think? I'm sure someone will let me know when I've crossed the line!!

Have a good one!!


Dawno said...

How about making a mini tripod out of heavy gauge jewelry wire?

Will you forgive me if I take this idea and run with it? I'll be sure to share my steps with you!

Carole said...

Those are very pretty!

I bought a bunch of buttons last week, which are about as addictive for me as beads....I now have to sit down and do something with them all (they're pictured at my Noteworthy Musings blog). lol

JustATish said...

i am a firm believer that stones are not just for jewelry. use them for everything. why not make it a mini portrait. put a magnet on the back, and hang it on the icebox, or in your cube. geez, who wouldn't want to look at that all day. beautiful! great ideas! go girl go!

Lisa said...

I'd love to see some easel ideas, I think wire would be really cool and after reading the idea from Tish, I'm searching for my sticky backed roll of magnets!! Thanks for sharing!!! Lisa C. :)