Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sea & Sand...

Today's bead seemed to make more of an impact seen in it's natural habitat...strands!

These are mirror beads and they are so sparkly!

I remember the day I had the a-ha moment about why we are so attracted to aqua and brown together...

I know it seems silly that I didn't put 2 and 2 together before, but I had to see a beach photo for it to click in...sea & sand...a-ha!

Actually on a sunny day, it's a combo of sea and sky blues next to warm, soft sand. :)


Mathi Bear said...

I am interested in seeing what you do with that. I have fallen in love with some 2-tone beads in the past only to have them not work very well in my projects. They are lovely beads though.

Unknown said...

Those are gorgeous! Where did you get them, may I ask?

Lisa Crone said...

Hi Shirley! These are beads by cousin corp, but if you can't find them at local craft stores, they are available from sister co., looks like $4 per strand.

Beads said...

They should be named as Ocean Beads...

Lisa Crone said...

LOVE the idea of "ocean beads" :)

Deeksha said...

I love beads. Even I have a collection of beads jewellery.

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