Thursday, February 16, 2012

Innovative Design by Deb Moffet-Hall

Are you familiar with Deb Moffet-Hall?

As if I needed another reason to wish my way down to Florida! My Dad just forwarded me the Anderson's Bead Room Newsletter featuring Deb Moffet-Hall and her "quick start peyote" designs.

She is a fabulous designer and has developed her own shortcut to creating peyote designs. Check this out! You can find more about Deb's work on her website, "Patterns to Bead".

I am so inspired by people who not only come up with an innovative idea to help make designing/creating jewelry a little easier, but they actually find a way to bring it to life!

The product pictured here really excites me. I mean, WOW! When I first learned the peyote stitch I wished there was an easier way to get it started so there was less risk of it falling apart! This would do it!

How exciting and innovative! Great job Deb! :)

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Here Bead Dragons said...

I've ordered these and am waiting for them to arrive.