Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Sparkle" without Sparkle!

After yesterday's sparkly post, I was thinking about some jewelry I have made that had a "sparkly" element without using crystals.

This stone bracelet was made on stretchy cord and incorporates a thin wire star as the "sparkly" aspect. I love the fact you can use fairly simple beads and designs while still achieving some impact or "wow" sparkle factor.

The citrine beads in between each stone are glass bicones and do add a little brightness, but no sparkle.

I wore this bracelet every day for a couple of months last year after making it and it made me so happy when it got noticed! Not because I thought I was so great, but because I thought it was fun and glad that the people noticing thought so too!

When you go down memory lane and look at the pieces you have made over time, it's interesting to see the "lessons learned" and the evolutionary design process...one idea leads to another!


Lori said...

Ah-- See you said Sparkly and stone..Now I'm thinking Goldstone. I have a strand if it--Now where did I put it? I am organised- really I am.. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry thou.. sacks of things get "put" somewhere till i have time to store them properly...Now where did I stash the Goldstone? And my trips down memory lane...My "lessons learned" box is actually titled.."what was I thinkin"...LOL! When ever I need a good laugh I go through it!

jamberry_song said...

I love it! It is modest and understated, but still has that glam aspect for sure. :D But then, I am a sap for stone and would take it over sparkle most days. It's got beautiful colors, so you must have always been good at that, eh? ;)