Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Expanding my Craft Inventory

Roller, rulers, pasta machines! Sounds fun!

Brayers, polymer clay guns and!

Texture makers, gold leaf and pearl powders....goodness!

I have to admit the look and sound of all the wonderful array of polymer clay tools is adding to the excitement of working with clay.

At this point, the only thing standing in my way is a couple more work days and a room that is already packed full of beading/crafting supplies.

Am I going to have room for new stuff? Yikes! The thought hadn't crossed my mind until this moment. The good thing is, it looks like most of these supplies are fairly small and shouldn't take up much space. I just need to make a little...

Back to the tools and accessories....if you can part with any more of your polymer expertise, PLEASE let me know your thoughts on what I need to get started. I am guessing rollers and rulers, but not sure what else.
How about rubber stamps? Do you use those in clay designs? (Thanks for your help!)


Higgins Design Studio said...

Rubber stamps are FABULOUS to use with polymer clay! You can even use them with a permanent pigment ink (like Brilliance) to add color to it as well.

Have fun!

Melinda said...

I started out with some clay, a blade and a needle tool. I quickly found out that a pasta machine is an absolute must!!! A good baking surface, I use ceramic tile (for flat things), quilting batting (for beads), corn starch as a bed for sculpted pieces. Yes.... these are the needed basics.... blades (tissue blades are the best but simple box cutter refills do work in a pinch), a pasta machine and baking surfaces, and of course clay!

Yes yes yes rubber stamps are awesome!!!

Kokopelli said...

To be honest, I started with nothing more than clay, a blade, some wet sanding paper and the things I found in my household. No pasta machine, no rollers. For stamps you could use anything found in your house: jewelry filigrees, interesting surfaces, rough fabrics etc. Don't buy too much in the beginning!

Shai Williams said...

I am enjoying reading your new learning experience as it is one on my list once I get my new studio set up.

I do have to ask though. Isn't quilting batting flammable?

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! Shaiha's comment made me laugh, but then in all seriousness I don't know if quilting batting is flammable!! I am guessing that working with ovens and clay with various chemicals involved will require a new level of safety awareness. Thanks for pointing that out!! :)