Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rings Galore

I am so excited to start gluing things to these ring forms!

I have lots of great buttons and miscellaneous cool objects that would be PERFECT as rings!

I've tried different glues before, but have never been 100% satisfied with them.
I would love to hear from anyone out there who has successfully glued things to ring forms like this.

I found this package on my Joann etc. trip, but am not sure why Plaid calls it "Holiday Glitz". I do, however, LOVE the name "Holiday Glitz"!

I can't wait to glitz these up and bling them up and sparkle and maybe even weird them up! :)

Hope you are having a great week!
Tomorrow is my Friday since I've decided to make it a 4 day holiday weekend, YAY!!
I can't wait, I'm going to spend some time BEADING!!!


Unknown said...

I've used E6000 with mixed results. I've glued scrabble tiles and plastic buttons, they have eventually come off. Would love to hear of a good glue to use!

Higgins Design Studio said...

You could try Crafter's Pick The Ultimate Tacky. It is a wonderful tacky glue that can be used on multiple surfaces, even as a no-fumes contact cement! And, it dries clear. It is wonderful for bling!
I use E6000 a lot, and have not had a problem with it, but I like the no-fumes aspect of the Ultimate. We sell it in our store here in Pendleton, SC, but I have also seen it in Hobby Lobby as well... Michael's, Ben Franklin and AC Moore probable have it as well.

Shiny said...

I like E6000 as well. Another good idea is any of those epoxies that come in two tubes that you have to mix together.

Whichever you use, score or scratch or sand that flat surface on the ring to give the glue some texture to hold on to! And make sure the glue curves around to the underside of the flat circle as well, so that the glue is "hugging" the ring, not just sandwiched between the ring and the thing you glue. :-)

Lisa Crone said...

Thank you guys! I greatly appreciate the guidance! :)

Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

Lisa, this is the time to put polymer clay in those rings :0). Love your blog and all your bead designs. Added your blog to my list that I'm following. Looking forward to more of your BLING.