Monday, July 26, 2010

Design Phase Underway

I am in the brainstorming phase of designing something new using the Katiedids bead components that I shared on Saturday.

So far, I have a couple piles of crystals that I want to line the channel with.

I'm thinking of using an eye pin loop at the bottom and top of the channel so I can connect the top to a chain and on the bottom eye pin, I will add several strands of thin silver chain with some crystals dangling from them.

That sounds a tad tacky, but sometimes you have to give it a try!

I was also thinking of beading a necklace and using the Katiedid as the focal piece with dramatically different beads inside the channel. Hmm...

I'm getting excited!

For more information about where to find Katiedids, the information I received suggests asking your favorite bead shop or supplier to carry them for you; check out the website or call toll fre 866-423-2325.

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