Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pretty, Shiny Bail

Today's bead is a sterling silver fold-over style bail from Fire Mountain Gems. I had originally ordered this for an Italian glass pendant a coworker had picked up on a trip to Italy which was posted here a few weeks ago.

This shiny bail is fun and pretty at the same time. I love the little squiggly lines on it. The thing is, it was just too much for the beautiful glass pendant.

I took a few options to my friend and she ended up agreeing with me that the little black velour neck cord that came with a clasp already attached was the best way to show off her pendant.

So, thanks to my Dad who had given me a pack of several of those cords, it ended up not costing a cent to properly display her work of art.

I now have a lovely fold over style bail that I don't exactly know what to do with! Help! Your ideas would be greatly appreciated! :)


Azure Accessories said...

Hmmm...great bail but yes it needs something substantial so that it doesn't over power it??? Might be nice on a semi precious stone donut of some kind but you would almost need to take it with you to make sure it fits nicely! Or a stone pendant...or what about a swarovski crystal...

You will come up with something great... :0)


PS...I agree, sometimes simple is better when it comes to pendants!

Susan Marling said...

Wow - that is striking. I love amazonite but agree with Azure that you need to take it with you when looking. Can't wait to see what you do.

Mikki said...

As a bead weaver I see a it as a slider on a peyote rope with a beaded tassel hanging from the hole. Can't wait to see what you do with it.