Saturday, October 31, 2009

Arts & Crafts Week

I just came across a few bracelets I made last year and since I haven't posted any real arts and crafts jewelry projects recently, today seemed like a good day to do that!

I also came across some pieces and parts of things that I had intended to work into jewelry projects, but never actually finished them. So...why not stretch this into a week long arts and crafts adventure!

I thought it was funny that there were several versions of this bracelet made with wooden flower pieces I found at Joann, Etc. That's a pretty good indicator I was having fun with something.

This wooden flower comes in a bag of at least 6 or 7 pieces for right around $2 I believe. I also bought some antiquing glaze and crackling glaze to see what would happen.
Well, at first glance these do appear to be sort of juvenile arts and crafts jewelry projects.

HOWEVER, anytime I have worn these bracelets, they look very fun and have gotten lots of comments.
It does seem that no matter how great an idea I have involving paint, my projects always seem to find themselves looking a bit juvenile. Maybe that's just my style :) and not a sign of stunted artistic growth!
I remember having lots of fun drilling the little holes and attaching these great jump rings. I loved that the E beads were a perfect fit on the jump rings and wish I had more of these pieces to play with right now!

I hope you are all having a great weekend!! Stay tuned for more arts and crafts! I'd also love to hear about your arts and crafts jewelry projects, so please share!


Azure Accessories said...

Such a unique bead...I always look for interesting and unique beads!


Mikki said...

Lisa, you crack me up! Stunted artistic growth....yeah right. I think I'm keyed into the universe right now because I've also been looking at things I did in the past...the beginnings of my bead weaving. Not to mention BD forum keeps talking about the exact things I'm teaching in my's getting weird.

Cyndi L said...

With beads like those, the sky's the limit for how you could paint or patinate them. Great idea, Lisa...thank you!