Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pearly Pendant

Isn't this a gorgeous mother of pearl pendant? It is just the perfect size, not too big or too small. It has a beautiful silvery frame and bail attached! The colors and shine are beautiful! Very impressive for $1.95!

I'm sure you already guessed I picked this up at the recent Rings&Things bead show. Now that I see how pretty it is, it's a shame I didn't dig through the huge container for a few more! I was actually practicing a little restraint!! How about that? :)

My instincts tell me to slide a chain through the bail for a beautiful necklace. However, I visit many blogs of bead stitchers and imagine that one of them would create a fabulous, extensively beaded neck cord for this piece........OR, slide this onto any one of the various colored neck wires or chokers, add a few beads and you can customize it for any outfit!!

Love it!!

Have a good one!!


Azure Accessories said...

Love this one...I'm a huge fan of mop though.
As you mentioned there is so much you could do with this...will be interesting to see what you choose!


Suzjohnson said...

What a pretty piece. If it could be taken off a heavily beaded project and used occasionally alone, you'd get your cake and be able to eat it too.

Mikki said...

And some of us wouldn't be able to stop ourselves from adding a bezel. It's very pretty and gets my creativity going....I have an old piece with something like it....hmmm.....

Kokopelli said...

It IS gorgeous!!!! So many possibilities of what you can do with this one. Great!