Thursday, October 8, 2009

Classic Color Combo: Red & Black

Not only is this a classic color combination, these particular 15mm square mother of pearl beads have this hip stripey thing going on.

I can easily see these coordinating with a pinstripe suit OR a casual solid color blouse in one of these colors, Wow!

I received a comment from Whimsy Beading on Monday's post for the bead giveaway and she said she really wanted the red and black version she saw at her local Rings & Things bead show.

Well, I just had to show you the red and black ones!! Unlike Whimsy Beading, I didn't resist! :)

Speaking of Monday's bead giveaway post, I'll be mentioning who I will be sharing the bead love with on Saturday's post once I get them in the mail. And, if Whimsy Beading wants to send me an email, I'm happy to share the red and black bead love too!

Have a good one!!

1 comment:

Azure Accessories said...

Aren't they just the greatest? I agree...a black power suit, skirt of course, with a necklace made with those mop's...striking!