Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ebony Hearts

Today's beads are part of an interlocking strand of Ebony Wood Hearts, very sweet!!

The Rings & Things tag reads, Ebony Wood Heart Bead Chain. I thought these were so neat and was very curious about how they could be used.

They are all interlocking and would require cutting apart if you wanted to use them seperately in a design. A nice long necklace of them would be cute in the fall. You could also add some components to this design by using large fall colored jump rings with dangles. OR, it would be very cute with some pearls wired around the frame here and there. For those of you who are beadazzlers at heart, the flat surface here sure would make a great base for some sparkle!

If any of you have used these before, please let us all know how you used them. They sort of remind me of a puzzle that needs to be unlocked!


Just A Tish said...

todays post is a recognition post - i have listed you there as one of my favorite blogs - thanks for all the fun reads!!

Emi said...

super cute bead today! great pick

Dave Robertson said...

I wore some of the new wood chain with my name badge at our bead shows recently. It's amazingly light and comfortable -- I look forward to seeing what kinds of design ideas people have for them.

:) Dave

... said... beads for me to try out!