Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dyed Chalcedony Strand

I almost forgot to mention these beads!! They are gorgeous and interesting, but there was another reason I took this photo of a cool pile of beads at the recent Rings&Things bead show. The tag reads, "Dyed Chalcedony, TD Druzy."

They reminded me so much of fellow bead blogger Tish of Just a Tish. These look like they were made for her. It's so cool to find people who can make any style of jewelry, but seem to have created a niche of their own or defined their own unique style.

Tish is definitely one of them. She gravitates to multi-strand necklaces made with a variety of stones, such as her bead-star finalist piece shown here.

The art and craft of jewelry making is big enough for all of us because each one is unique in how they think, design and execute their pieces. Isn't that cool!?

Is there a particular type of jewelry you tend to want to make? I lean toward bracelets because I love to see the beads. Sometimes I get mezmerized by them, so maybe I should make a couple more necklaces :)

Have a good one!


cleobytheseao said...

They are gorgeous, gorgeous beads but then I haven't 'met' a bead yet that I didn't crave to own! :) Are these beads 'big'? It's always hard to gauge size in a photo. I like bracelets especially if they're noisy, it just feels so feminine. Then again, necklaces please me when I do a mirror check - heck I guess I love anything! Super blog.

Susan Marling said...

I love both necklaces and braclets - wear them both all the time.My first thought is about a necklace when I see cool beads but then I consider other things.You frequently mention Rings&Things and their show-they don't have a show near me.Have you ordered much online.Guess am trying to find out if it looks the same when you get it.

Just A Tish said...

Omg! that is the best random strand i have ever seen!!! can't you just see it all in one necklace.


Thank you so much for the mention :)

Azure Accessories said...

Gorgeous strand of beads...it would be wonderful in necklace...

I like to make chunky necklaces, maybe because I can't wear them, as well as two strand necklaces, and bracelets,I like making everything...but my most favorite thing is working with silver.


Cyndi L said...

I wasn't aware that chalcedony took colors that well! Thanks :-)

Jeannie said...

I love all things eclectic and colorful. Doesn't matter of it's a necklace, earrings, ring or bracelet.
Tish necklace is fantastic!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I have made six strand necklaces and bracelets and find it interesting to choose beads and chain which compliment each other. Sometimes I add even more--like petite charms or dangles to the chain parts. I spend a lot of time fixating on the clasps of this type of design cause my omnipresent fear is that I will get a call from a customer who will inform me that something of mine broke. Blargh! That is why I prefer wiring everything!!!
My jewelry inspiration comes to me suddenly, from a fantasy, or fancy, in my head. If I see a particular bead, I build around it. If I have the time, the other thing I do is surf the net and check out what products are new at my favorite places but boy have I been busy! <--I am still having a hard time learning to use the term "Crystalized Elements" instead of Swarovski, which I used to misspell anyway, even in my Beading column. Speaking of which, would you please email me? thanks, and have a good Sunday!

jean xox

Mountaindreamers said...

I like to make necklaces and earrings , bracelets are great but hard to wear if too dangly when I work, I pretty much go with the day's windy direction, I love to just sit with the beads and see what comes ; )

Melissa J. Lee said...

Lately, I've become obsessed with hunting down unusually cut stone beads, and I tend to design around them, and whatever I've been working with in the metal clay department, of course!