Friday, April 10, 2009

Featured Designer: Blue Nostalgia

Aren't weekends great?!! For me, a Friday night seems to bring with it a sense of opportunity to step away from the flow of things and revel in the moment!

When I came across these blue bird earrings in a fellow Ohioan's Etsy shop, I felt a similar sense of freedom. I'm not sure if that happened as a result of a lifetime of hearing the phrase "free as a bird" or if it was the calming blue color....maybe it was a combination of both.

They seemed like the perfect fit for a Friday night "featured designer" post, so here you go! I hope you get that momentary sense of freedom from these too!

The Etsy shop is called "Blue Nostalgia". The designer mentioned she obtained these birds with a hand-patina finish from another Etsy seller. That's one of the benefits of participating in the large arts and crafts online community. You don't have to look far for inspiration or for the perfect pieces and parts to bring your designs to life.

I also wanted to mention the adorable boxes this designer uses to package her jewelry pieces. The brown and light blue make a sweet color combination! The personalized stamp in light blue is a very nice touch!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening!!

3 comments: said...

Thanks so much for the plug! Check out my shop for promotions!

Anonymous said...

I love her creations! I've got a few of her pieces ... hmm ... may have to get some more! :o)

Dawno said...

Those are darling - heading over to her shop to add her to my favorites!