Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ready-Made Bracelet Chain

Today I am sharing a ready made chain that I bought during a recent shopping spree to a local shop called European Papers which is also where I found the red heart lock featured yesterday.

This chain was actually the purpose of our visit that day because I had bought one about a year ago when we first visited. We had signed up to attend the annual event put on by the shop, "Artiscape", so we could take a class in making plexiglass jewelry.

The wonderful and talented, craft book acquisitions editor and author, Tonia Davenport, was teaching us how to take a square of plexiglass and, using a jeweler's saw, create a heart that would be either a focal piece for a bracelet or necklace.

We also had fun creating little pieces of extra embellishment out of good old shrink plastic (a.k.a. shrinky-dinks). Here's the original post of my plexi-heart..it's unique and feels like it is so ME! I've worn it an awful lot since and just love it!

We had so much fun and learned A LOT!! Not only about plexiglass and shrink plastic, but also about using different "power" tools and inks.

Okay, back to the chain...we had visited their store that day as part of our fun day off work. I ended up using the chain in a bracelet a little while after the class when my friend and I spent a day playing with shrink plastic. The result was a little die cut piece of yellow plastic that had been rubber stamped.

This trip down memory lane is making me want to heat up the oven and get shrinking!! :) I recently bought several more packs of shrink plastic and haven't made the time to play. I think it's time!! I'll keep you posted on my progress! :)


Davinia said...

Ready made chains, a time saver, just add pretty baubles and bling and your good to go.

Kokopelli said...

I had two of these in gold and silver. I made charm bracelets with them and before I could say something they sold. :-)

waterwaif said...

I love making charm bracelets! I'd love to be able to find some nice ready made chain like that.