Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Plasticky Fun

Today's bead is one of the remaining treasure chest plastic beads I posted about a couple weeks ago and I apologize for the repeat of that project, but I seriously LOVE it and have worn it quite a bit, even with a suit!!

AND, I personally thought it looked great! Not only that, it has a great swishy sound to it.
Not too jangly, just the perfect way to let someone know you are heading down their aisle in a maze of workstations!

This adorable little bead didn't make it into the bracelet and I think there are probably 20 or so others still sitting in a little baggie.
What do you think about doing the same type of piece for earrings?


Davinia said...

I think it would be a match amde in heaven.

JustATish said...

I agree with Davinia! so cute on a pair of earrings and a remaining cluster on a necklace! what a fun set. you would be like your own carnival! makes me happy just thinking about it. I love that you wear it to work in a suit. Shows you are a person and not a number in a corporation. You go!