Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty Packages!

I just love these beads!! One reason I love them is because they are the kind of special bead that you might never see or give a chance. They are from a standard package of inexpensive beads that I found on the Joann, etc. wall of beads.

Since I started out shopping at craft stores for beads, I have a tendency to look closely at all beads. I learned a couple of years ago that it didn't pay to be a "bead snob" and that some plastic and other packaged beads have a lot to offer!

I actually used these beads in my book, A Bead in Time, to represent festive holiday package earrings. It was so fun picking bicones to pair them with, it was similar to matching wrapping paper and bows!

It reaffirms to me that...BEADING IS FUN! You can really make it whatever you want! I like to have fun in jewelry making, some like to express their artsy side and others their whimsical nature.

Just in case you might be looking for some fun beading inspiration, our friend Heather of Azure Islands Designs is giving away a copy of my book, Yay!! Pop on over if you get a chance, it's up for grabs until April 19th when she announces the winner. :)


Davinia said...

Finances dictate not being a bead snob. Anyway the cheap and cheerful ones always make good fillers I find and a bit of imagination (which you have in spades)can make them into something stunning.

Dawn Doucette said...

You never know where you are going to find a little extra special surprise. Right? They are really cute. My first venture into beading involved me drooling over the wall of beads at a Joann's. I wanted it all, yet had no specific idea of what I was making. I just wanted to start.

I picked up your book through Amazon and I can tell anybody reading this... if you haven't read it yet, click immediately over to Heather's blog at Azure Island Designs to put your name in the hat for the give away. I guarantee you'll find inspiration in Lisa's book. I know I did!

Thanks for sharing your talent Lisa! You're a doll! :o)

Have a terrific day!

TesoriTrovati said...

I am definitely not a bead snob. I love to use artisan beads and the highest quality gems that I can afford, but I have no qualms about mixing in the less expensive ones. I think it is all about how you put it together. You can make expensive beads look cheap if you don't use them right, and alternately you can make inexpensive or even free components (like my favorite found objects) look really high end. It is all in how you treat the materials. Great find! Enjoy the day, Lisa! Erin
P.S. I am going over right now to see if I can win a copy of your book!

Azure Islands Designs said...

I do agree being a bead snob leads to missing some great possibilities!!! It is all about how they are used...I always look carefully when I'm lucky enough to get to an actual store...I take literally hours!!! :0)

Thanks for the bit about the give have a great many followers who love you Lisa...I've 19 entries today! I'm happy the book will go to a great home!!!


Jeannie said...

I like that they have a textured look. Inexpensive beads are a must when you're on a budget.