Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun Crystal Flowers

Fun, fun, fun! These swarovski crystal flowers are so adorable, they look like they are dancing on a breeze in this picture.

I thought it was very interesting how the hole was drilled. In the catalog, the description reads:

"Swarovski Elements crystal in delicate flower forms just beg to be used in creative, fun jewelry designs! Make your online resource for all of your Swarovski Elements crystal needs!

NOTE: The hole in this bead does not go through the center. Being slightly off center the flower will dangle a bit from your designs."

These are catalogued as Swarovski 5744 8mm Flower Peridot.

I see now what they mean in the description about the hole being off center. I'm trying to imagine what they would look like hanging from a necklace and think they would be adorable crimped at various intervals hanging from a choker, so they would almost look like a clematis vine of flowers.

A coworker who is interested in getting started in beading and has all the necessary tools told me today that she bought some peridot crystals, but hasn't made anything yet. I think she mentioned she doesn't really know where to start.

I told her I had these 7 flowers and will gift them to her tomorrow which I know she will love. However, I also have an ulterior motive to give her a push. When someone gives me beads, I know it makes me a little more interested in having a finished project to show off!

:) I hope everyone is having a great week!! Guess what...tomorrow is Friday!! YAY!! And...I just found out that Alice in Wonderland is playing at the Drive-in this weekend! Very cool!

FTC compliance disclosure: the items in this post from were provided as a promotional gift as part of their bead blogger program for review or design purposes.


Rose said...

These are adorable!

One of the gals I follow used these recently. Here's a link to the blog and some pics of how the crystals sit on a necklace:

JennyTheArtist said...

these little flowers ARE adorable! I'm looking to get some sort of tiny flowers beads... I'll have to look into these beauties, thanks!

JustATish said...

that is an awesome idea to 'enable' her to start a project. very sweet and very generous!!

it will be all your fault when she is completely ate up with beading :)

I LOVE color! said...

Oh my goodness I love your work. I am just learning how to connect to followers. Thanks for following my blog Be blessed