Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bracelet Found!

Guess what I found?!

We took an unexpected detour last night on our way to the drive-in. The music my husband and I were listening to had us reminiscing about the old hang-out a couple hours away where we met. Before I knew it, the car was turning around and we were on a little adventure!

I had not dressed to be going "out", but to be siting in the car in a gravel lot watching a movie! I still had on my yellow cz necklace and earrings from earlier in the day, but was shocked that I ran out of the house without a bracelet, that is very unusual!!

I started digging around in my purse and, voila!, there was my favorite 3 strand pearl and crystal bracelet!! Yay! It isn't what I would have picked, but it goes with anything and adds a little class.

A fun time was had by all especially once I felt I had good jewelry on :)

Hope you are having a fun weekend!!


JustATish said...

don't you love those unexpected adventures!! you sound like you had it going on jewelry wise. a sure hit no matter where you were !

that bracelet is lovely

Stefanie said...

Sounds like fun. And I totally understand what your are talking about - I feel naked with a bracelet and a ring:-) regards Stefanie

Casey Sharpe said...

That's part of why I make jewelry- that extra something you feel when you've got a good piece on. Glad you found something excellent to put on!