Monday, April 26, 2010

Flowers Everywhere!

Not only can you have a bracelet full of happy flower beads to admire all day, you can also have a flower clasp to admire in case it happens to slide around.

This is an adorable toggle clasp from Hobby Lobby. The tag reads, "Daisy Toggle" and the price is $1.47.

I'm guessing that I probably got this half price which is my reason for shopping at Hobby Lobby now that they have moved away from our side of town.

I was just thinking about all the flower beads I have and am getting excited to do a piece with all flowers! I have lots of white flower beads in a matte finish so I will have to think long and hard about whether or not I should do an all white flower bracelet or a flower bracelet with plenty of bright colors...Hmm... What do you think?


Kokopelli said...

This flower reminds me of the colorful "Pril Flowers", which were popular in Germany in the 1970's. They were stickers on the back of dishwashing detergent and people put them on the wall tiles in the kitchen as decoration. I remember them in almost every kitchen back then.

Davinia said...

I think an all white bracelet or necklace would be lovely. Very chic, classy and perfect for your spring weather.