Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gorgeous Filigree Clasp

Today's feature is a gorgeous gold toned, 2-strand clasp. I thought FOR SURE I had posted about this before, but I couldn't find it after several searches so I wanted to make sure I did!

This clasp came from Fire Mountain Gems for the purpose of helping a co-worker hang onto a bracelet she had received many years ago from her father. The little bar that slid into the clasp was no longer working.

I searched a number of local shops and when I couldn't find a similar clasp to the one on the bracelet, started searching web sites. This seemed to be the closest in size, shape and vibe so I ordered it.

In an ironic, but very cool, twist of fate, the little tab on the new clasp fit perfectly and held great inside the old clasp! Can you believe that?!

So, now I have a few left to work with! I can't get over how pretty the filigree work is on this very inexpensive clasp! Now that I have them out again, I'm excited to find the perfect project for it!!


Kokopelli said...

Beautiful clasp! Would be perfect for an elegant bracelet design. Maybe black and gold or with pearls.

Rose said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! I'm seeing something pink... because its spring probably :P