Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bright White Glass Flowers

These beads are so white, they remind me of a brand new white car. There is something so smooth and sharp about the color, they seem very peaceful.

I was thinking these would work great in a needle and thread beading project similar to the one I mentioned a couple weeks ago.

I would just need a base line of 8/0 seed beads and then I could just start sewing these bright white glass flowers on using tiny toho seed beads in the "cone" to adhere them to the base line.

Sounds like fun...where's my fireline!!???

It's been a while since I was hooked on needle and thread beading, but I bet it wouldn't take long to get right back in the groove.

I'd love to hear other ideas for using these flower beads. The "cone" part is not as deep as some, but can still be used in similar ways I think.

Please send ideas!! :)


Unknown said...

I love the little white petals. Very cute for earrings or even on a bracelet. I was thinking wedding when I first saw them.

Azure Accessories said...

Pretty petals...I agree earrings or a bracelet would be nice...

Alex Damien said...

These look really beautiful. I love them too, so very calming X)