Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bead Blogger Updates, Devo & Solar Stars!

Here we are, it's Sunday and time to gear up for another week. I was just listening in the car to Devo's "Whip It".

What a great song on many levels... You might be wondering, "what is she thinking?"...actually, I never realized what the song was about. The novelty of a band with odd instruments and what looked like upside-down flower pots on their heads sort of overshadowed the music itself when I was in a more youthful time.

However, the words below definitely helped me today and I will continue to use this song as an anthem for overcoming adversity! How Cool!

Here are some of the lyrics:
When a problem comes along you must whip it; before the cream sits out too long you must whip it; when something's going wrong you must whip it now; whip it into shape ; shape it up get straight ; go forward, move ahead; try to detect it; it's not too late ; to whip it ; whip it good when a good time turns around; you must whip it; you will never live it down unless you whip it; no one gets away until they whip it; i say whip it whip it good i say whip it; whip it good!!

I also encountered another way to overcome adversity today... the solar STAR! I found this at our local Meijer grocery store today. It is SOLAR powered!!

If you have a Meijer store, make sure you get one of these, they are so sparkly and fun!!

All your troubles or areas you might be feeling some adversity in will melt away when you see the colors it cycles through at night, red, green blue...ahhh! Beautiful!! It is dark outside now and I'm telling you, this star is gorgeous!! :)

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donna said...

I always think of the Bangles "Manic Monday" but I change the words. Since I quit working I love Monday, it IS my fun day. And if I am in a really good mood I walk like an egyptian.

Now I will have these songs in my head all day. ;)