Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sparkle Time!

I wish I could have taken a better photo of these faceted rondelle-ish irridescent SPARKLES!! They are quite noticeable from across the room!!

I LOVE the fact that Rings & Things paired them with the butterscotchy shell pearl mix posted yesterday! It makes perfect sense!
The purple with a bronze-gold shine around the edges really stands out!

Even when held in my hand together the contrast makes me smile and when the light hits, the brightness of the pearls and the sparkle of the rondelles are gorgeous!!

I enjoy making bracelets, but these beads are going to have to become part of a necklace, but FOR SURE worked into earrings!
Heck, with these beads, one pair of earrings would be enough of an accessory to make you stand out in a good way!
What do you think?

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Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

The color and sparkle is beautiful! I think everything they sent you in this selection is outstanding!

Just A Tish said...

i do love these. in the sunlight they are mesmerizing - you will get double takes when you wear you necklace made with these for sure!

donna said...
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donna said...

lemme try this again ;)

So pretty! I followed the link to buy but couldn't find them (found the pearls). Oh well. What is the name? Maybe they don't carry them regularly. I wish they didn't have a $4 charge for orders under $50. I will start a list and when I hit $50 I will order. So, I will wait to hear the name of these so I can add them. Thanks! FUN!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Donna (and all), I believe I should direct you to R&T's page of electric glass sparkly beads...Glad you like them!

:) Dave
at Rings & Things

Mikki said...

Those are delish! Oh, by the way...I have the piece I made with a set of Beads in Time on my blog. Still trying to find the time to make more beads.