Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Week's Project: Electric Sparkle & Shell Pearls Bracelet

This week's project incorporates several of the shell pearls and the ELECTRIC SPARKLY beads I received in a surprise bead package from Rings & Things last weekend.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I received these beads as part of the Rings & Things blog partner program.

I was gathering materials earlier today so I could sit down to create something and discovered this PVC bracelet band that I found in the bargain bin and blogged about last summer.

I was thinking it would be fun to wire some of these beads to the band in a random design. Not surprisingly, my random idea flew out the window for a more structured design.

I think the flower-like form is pretty cute and after wearing it all day, I have pretty much formed a loving bond with it. :)

I caught a glimpse of it on my wrist in the hall mirror a few times today and it makes me smile. As always, that equals success in my book!!

I have also posted a picture of the earrings I made for a coworker to accompany a bracelet she asked me to fix that she had bought on vacation.

I stole a couple of the triangular shell beads from her bracelet so she would have earrings too and it just so happened I had received these special beads in the mail!

The sparkle on these electric beads is really amazing. My coworker wore them all day on Monday and every time I saw her, I saw the sparkle! It was great! I even heard her get some unsolicited comments about them!

I hope everyone is getting in a little bit of fun and crafting this weekend! The snow is falling AGAIN pretty steadily right now... One day soon I NEED TO SEE GREEN!

Take care!!

FTC compliance disclosure, notice of material connections: the items in this post from Rings&Things were provided as a promotional gift as part of the Blog Partner Program for review or design purposes. More info about the Rings & Things Blog Partner Program


Davinia said...

I love the bracelet, great idea to wire the beads on and the earrings are lovely too.

Createology said...

These beads are lovely and how clever of you to make earrings for your coworker with a couple of her shells. Keep creating...

DVArtist said...

Absolutely have capture the sea side. Lovely


The Beading Gem said...

Your top design will look fantastic as a velvet ribbon choker too!

Cathryn said...

I like these...I love the combination of shell pearls and the sparkly crystals...that's impressive!

Rose said...

I love the bracelet and agree with one of the above comments that says it would look great as a choker too...

Anonymous said...

The bracelet is beautiful but only because the earrings made it so!Without them, the bracelet would have been lost and alone! Thanks Lisa!

Jeannie said...

It is very a important when you create a piece that it is wearable. Secondly, how does it look on.
Sounds like you nailed both. I love the flower. You should make another in spring colors.
What I love best is the simplicity of it.