Monday, February 8, 2010

Warm Summer Sunshine!

Dare to dream!! Here is my thought...On the count of 3, everyone conjure up a wonderful memory of a perfectly warm sunny day!

Maybe if we all focus on warmth, this snow storm that is supposed to be coming by morning will just hang out in the clouds and dissipate....

In the mean time, try focusing in on this great sun-shiny yellow shell bead. This came from Joann, Etc. and I believe it was in the button aisle!

As I was looking through photos, I also came across these funny paper earrings that I made a couple years ago. I wish I knew where they were now. They are full of imperfections, but that is what makes me laugh! I loved them and wore them A LOT!!

Okay, one more time, THINK WARM SUN-SHINY DAY!


flyingbeader said... are making me DREAM!!!!!

Davinia said...

I'm so over summer down here. It's hot, hot, hot with no end in sight. I could handle some snow and a small blizzard right now. We're never happy are we. But I do love the lemon coloured bead and your earrings are very sweet, it's good to look back sometimes, you can see how much you've grown and how your style has changed.

ReeBeader said...

I love those paper earrings! Yes, the sun would be nice right about now, especially in Maine!