Friday, February 6, 2009

Universe Bracelet

Hello and Happy Friday! Even though this is usually a day for posting earrings, I wanted to post the Universe Bracelet that I made this morning. It wasn't exactly well planned out due to time constraints, but I wanted to present it to a friend today. For future Friday posts, I will be searching out unique earring designs from etsy or jewelry blogs to add a little extra diversity!

As I mentioned in my post Wednesday, I was intrigued by these "universe" beads and wanted to incorporate them into bracelets like this one as a reminder of our ability to create the existence of our choosing.

I have often read that Albert Einstein believed an individual's answer to the following question was a good indicator of their belief about themselves and their ability to achieve their dreams. "Is the universe friendly to our desires?"

Sometimes it helps to have a reminder that it is most often our own beliefs that either limit us or allow us to surpass even our own goals. Such a simple truth, but one that needs repeating!

Have a great evening!


IzzyGumbo said...

outstanding! not only a beautiful bracelet but such a lovely post about Universe and allowing ourselves to 'be' in it. Blessings my friend. Amazing beads you use in your creations dear! :)

Theresa said...

Lisa, I love how you put the colors together. Wish I have that gift - with colors. As for working with metal, the only tip I can give you is "Practice makes perfect." Good luck and I want to see some metal work from you soon. OK?

ThisThisAndThat said...

Just stopping by to say I read your blog everyday..
Thank you for having an outstanding blog...

Wilma said...

Lisa I thank you very much for featuring my beads in your jewelry. Its always great to see what one does with the beads they buy from me. I am awarding you the "Lemonade Award". Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

I love this bracelet and the universe beads! And how you put it together with the matching bicone colors. Working for a satellite firm, I'm always up in space a bit. :-)