Sunday, February 22, 2009

Egyptian Bling!

Hello! The weekend is winding down and when that happens, I always seem to need a little bit of bling to cheer myself up!

I took an unplanned, but always fun, trip to a local bead shop Friday just to look around. I didn't have any specific purpose for stopping, so I told myself I would only buy something that really stood out.

I'm not sure why I even stopped at the Egyptian Crystal section because I always get stars in my eyes! I have many sizes of clear, round egyptian crystals since I can't seem to pass them up. I guess that's why I thought I was safe. I already have some of those, so what's the harm..?!

Well, they had a couple of things I hadn't seen there before... The ones I ended up buying were ten Egyptian Crystal Drops, 10x20mm.

So, here's the plan... I'm making earrings from these later tonight for 5 people. Yes, as usual, I'm one of the recipients... A pair for my mom, her friend and my crafting buddy, a beading friend, and one of my coworkers. So, hey, at least I have a plan! I want to have these dangle simply from one swarovski bicone or round in a color that each of these individuals is partial to. For my mom, a light green (at her request). For me, light aqua or black, not sure yet.

I hope these give you just a few stars in your eyes too for a Sunday night! Have a great week!!


TeriB said...

Lisa, wish I had stores like that close to me! I think I'd have to go with the black above these dangles---the contrast would really pop! And the people getting the other 4 pair are lucky! Teri

Nancy said...

Ooohhh... those ARE pretty! Can't wait to see what you create!

Silkfair said...

Wow I love these. It is possible to see what you created?