Monday, February 23, 2009

Mother of Pearl Square Cutout

Today's bead is just under one inch square which I thought would make a fun bracelet focal bead. I just need to find the perfect bead to place on the inside. The hole is drilled down the center of this square. I usually like to place crystals inside bead frames like this, but it is so large, I want to try something different.

A large gemstone round in browns and other earth tones would stand out nicely inside this bead. If there is room for multiple strands of beading wire to be run through the focal bead, it would be fun to twist 3 strands of small rounds in light earthy colors for the band.

Okay, now I'm reverting back to wanting to use a large crystal...maybe even a large cube inside the cutout. A 10mm swarovski cube in clear with a 2x ab finish would be cool. However, I'm not sure if the 2xab is made in a cube....I better check that out!


Dawno said...

That's a *great* bead. If I had a bunch of them (are they available online?), I'd be threading my diagonally cut malachite cubes in the middle I bet that would make a very interesting look.

You'll show us what you did when you figure it out, right? :-)

Good Dirt Jewelry said...

I really enjoyed visiting your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Anonymous said...

I love beads like this. I like to attach chain and then thread the one end through the hole with a larger bead so it cannot pass through and make fun chocker necklaces that way. I love the malichite idea too.

Lisa Crone said...

I love both those ideas! These beads came from a local bead shop, Byzantium. I bought a few loose beads, but they also had them in strands. I would bet you could find them online. Maybe Dave R. would know. Thanks so much for visiting and for the ideas!!