Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Chokers & Lemonade Award

Sunday is a nice day for catching up...on work, hobbies, with friends and family or JEWELRY making projects!! Sundays are extra nice when you know you have Monday off so you can put off gearing up for the week!

I still have LOTS of beads from my Rings & Things grab bags AND more cable chokers. Hmm, are you thinking what I'm thinking? It almost sounds like a challenge! The photo here is of a few of the remaining chokers and just a few of the beads. So, throughout the week, I'll work on merging these materials. I have a few ideas already since the beads will not be strung directly onto the chokers, dangles are in order!

I also wanted to take a few moments today to thank Teri B. from S&T Creations and Wilma of Wilma's Whimsey for their very kind and thoughtful presentations of the Lemonade award this week! I was feeling a little overwhelmed with gratitude, but wanted to make sure they both understood how much I appreciated it!

I doubt that either of them had ever seen the post I made last year about the saying, "if life hands you lemons, make lemonade", so I wanted to add a link here to that post about lemons.
Would you call that synchronicity?

If you are not familiar with the Lemonade award, it is awarded to sites that show a positive attitude and gratitude. I really try to do this in all aspects of life, but think it comes easiest while doing things I sincerely enjoy! I would like to pass along this kindness by mentioning some of the blogs that I enjoy reading regularly, in addition to both Teri and Wilma's above.

Tonia Davenport
(Plexiglass jewelry designer/author who continues her "heart it forward challenge")

Sara , the Serendipitous Designer
(multi-talented soft-flex rep aka Softflex Girl)
Tammy Powley
(the all knowing/all seeing jewelry making expert from

Carole of "What do you mean by Art"


Anonymous said...

First of all, your chokers are gorgeous! How much time do you typically take to make them? Do you offer learner lessons and classes? Are they available for sale on sites like They have free listings and is designed in a way that you can promote your own store, brand and products.

Secondly, congratulations on the lemonade award. You really deserve it for this blog.

Thirdly, do you made custom made-to-order designs?

ChezChani said...

Whoohooo, isn't it rewarding to be awarded??? Congrats!

Carole said...

Thank you Lisa for the award. :-)