Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Colorful Crackle Hearts

I love crackle beads for some reason. It seems to be for the same reason I like faceted and cut crystal beads...the glassy sparkle! Just in case you aren't familiar with crackled glass beads, they are made by immersing the glass into cold water while still in its molten form. Once cooled, it is reheated and covered with another layer of glass before being formed into a variety of shapes.

I posted the red version last year and had made it into a simple pendant with a silver bail and ball chain. It was predictable, but still kind of sweet!

I liked the interesting color mix today's beads provide as a group and was thinking they seem sort of beachy. The green and blues are reminiscent of water and the brown-ish heart could be the sand! Are you with me?

Okay, that might be stretching it just a bit, but I would like to do something unique with these. Since they are sort of heavy, I'm not sure using them as dangles in a bracelet would be practical. I'm thinking of a necklace on a small open-link silver chain. Using each of these as dangles very close to each other, almost as a focal piece, seems like it would be festive! I was thinking of making dangles out of an abundance of swarovski rounds and bicones in the same colors.

As always, I would love to hear some creative ideas!!


JustATish said...

can't wait to see it!! oh hurry!!!

Carole said...

I love hearts, and those beads are no exception.

I could see three to five of those dangling from their own individual chains, forming a small clump, and attached to a main chain.