Saturday, February 14, 2009

This Week's Chokers

Hi there! I received a bunch of 15"cable chokers and 18" cable chokers/neck wires last week from Rings & Things and I've been looking forward to having time to get my beads out! I've never worked with these before and had a good time with them. These are the two I made today and now that I have finished them, I have a bunch of other ideas!

Isn't that usually how it works?...Once you finally get the creativity going, each new idea is "better" than the last or maybe "more evolved" than the last. A lot of times it makes me want to start over, but I resisted the urge!

One is made on black choker cable, 1mm, 15" with a silver magnetic clasp and the other on red choker cable, 18", with a silver screw-top clasp. Since the ends are permanently attached, it's necessary to work with large-hole beads or wire things on to them.

I used the "universe" bead I mentioned recently in the black choker. I seem to have a tendency to fixate on something and use it several times before moving on. I was in a crafty mood and had fun twisting all the black wire for this one!

I used large hole sterling plated rounds on the red choker and love the contrast between the silver and red. AND, the cool part is it seemed like the perfect opportunity to use this silver wire-mesh focal piece. Isn't it great when everything comes together, as though it were planned!

I hope you are all having a great, crafty weekend!!


ChezChani said...

Those are really wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful chokers!

Enjoy your day off tomorrow ... play for me! :o)

Anonymous said...

Silver & red, cool inspiration! I love the focal piece...


Anonymous said...

The black one is gorgeous! Would make a great set with the universe bead bracelet.

Bea said...

love *love* LOVE the black one!
oh, look at what you've done now -- you've gone and given me IDEAS!

I don't have time to have IDEAS!!


Awesome work!

Dawno said...


Thank you for visiting my Rings & Things product review post and leaving your comment there. I love what you've done with the choker forms - way better than what I came up with, excellent design ideas and execution.

Anonymous said...

I love the black choker. It would make a great set with the universe bead bracelet you posted some time ago. Nice work!