Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tattoo Jewelry

I thought you might enjoy this tattoo jewelry I bought last week when I was visiting a store called Yankee Trader during my lunch hour. I walked over to get some inspiration and cheer and couldn't resist them. This store carries party supplies for any theme or occasion, costumes, magic tricks that you see in the back of comic books, every possible pencil topper and smiley everything! LOTS of fun!!!!

Each package of tattoo jewelry included a ring, bracelet and choker. They are made to fit snugly so they resemble tattoos when worn. Here's the best part, each package was only 25 cents!! I also bought some great temporary tatoos with peace signs, smiley faces, flowers and stars which I shared with all my co-workers for some much needed levity!

I was thinking about embellishing these pieces with beads! (I'm sure you saw that coming!) I had originally thought I could run the choker cables through them and hang all kinds of crazy things from it. I'm now thinking I gave up too easily when it wasn't working as I had imagined!!

If you have any great ideas for embellishing these, let me know!!


Anonymous said...

Yankee Trader is SUCH fun! And what a great idea to share your stash with your coworkers!
Hmmm... ideas for those pieces ... I like your idea & think you should try again. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can use a thin black beading thread, string beads and wind it around the tattoo jewelry in a pattern or hang it from the bottom in swags. Or what about headpins with beads hanging from the edge. That would work for the necklace. Have fun!