Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Week's Choker

I wanted to share this EASY to make choker with you as encouragement not to get too hung up on intricate or complex beading patterns that might discourage you from making cool jewelry for yourself. I understand that might be necessary for the pieces you make to sell, but when it comes to making some fun jewelry for weekend wear, all you really need is 1 cool bead and a piece of black faux leather cording. You can add a clasp it you would like, but a knot works just as well especially if this is a one of a kind, one-wear piece of jewelry. I like to make things for the weekend that I will only wear once to match an outfit or a mood and then return the bead to my stash.

Step 1: find an ultra cool bead. You might remember this one from the entry about blown glass beads from Joann. They have lots of different colors in their blown glass collection, but this was my favorite. The fact it has black running through it makes it a good candidate for the black cording.

2: Cut your piece of cording to fit your neck size
3: At the center, make one overhand knot
4: Slide on the focal bead
5: Make another knot to hold it in place

Put the choker around your neck and tie in the back

Feel free to add a clasp if you want to wear this one easily again. Just knot the clasp on at the end of each cord.

There you go...a very simple and COOL weekend choker!

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