Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Matte Turquoise Bicones

Today's bead is a 6mm swarovski matte bicone. I don't think I ever would have opened my eyes to these beads if I hadn't received them in a bead mix that I ordered from Auntie's Beads a year or so ago. I wouldn't have thought about using a swarovski crystal that didn't have that glassy sparkle.

HOWEVER, this bead is so cool that it really can stand on its own, but when mixed with a variety of other blue shades, WOW, the contrast just adds to the sparkle of the other crystals.I definitely recommend mixing them!

I have also used them on black beading wire with crimps on either side in a project I posted here a while back with the stone pendant.

Before closing, I wanted to mention something here about the rainbow drops that I posted on Sunday. I received a question about their size and wanted to note that they are approximately 3 x 4mm. They are so tiny, it's not immediately noticeable that they are drops! Too cute!

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