Monday, September 15, 2008

Colorful Flower Bead Caps

Hello! Since I missed out on posting yesterday due to a power outage for most of the day, I wanted to get this one posted early since our power has been restored, yay!

These flower bead caps are made of metal and came attached on stretchy cord advertised as a bracelet. These are 6mm flowers and do look cute as a bracelet, but I think they will be so much cuter used individually as bead caps. I am thinking they would be adorable using a fancy headpin with either a ball or crystal on the end and hung as a bunch of dangles from a chain or on a memory wire bracelet with colorful beads.

As always, let me know if you have any interesting ideas for these. There must be over 100 of these which is great for the imagination!

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Carole said...

You're going to laugh, but those remind me of the aluminum drinking cups that my mother used to have. With 'retro' being so in style, I've actually seen the cups available again, not only in the original colors, but in new colors.

They were cool looking, but what I remember most about them is that they always had water beading up on the outside of them when filled with any drink that had ice. lol