Saturday, September 13, 2008

Smiling Faces

I love smiling faces of any kind! Whether they are smiling faces of people or smiling faces of inanimate objects. I can't seem to help but smile back! Do you feel that way too?

It must be something that is just innate! You see a smile, you smile back. Isn't that great!? It's powerful when you realize that! If things aren't going positively, give a few smiles and you might be surprised how you affect the people around you! Not only that, you will FEEL the smile on the inside too!

If you are ever having a tough time and are by yourself without the ability to get feedback from others, try forcing a few smiles! Honestly, I know that sounds silly, but it really works!

Back to beads... this is a sterling silver smiley charm from Fire Mountain Gems. It's not really necessary to talk about how cute this is, but what to do with it? I have made some really great smiley memory wire bracelets that are very subtle. Lots of red, blue, green and yellow beads with smiley charms. If you need a little boost, give that a try and see what happens.

Have a great weekend!!


Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Lisa,

Nice "classic yellow" smiley bead! :-) For the devoted fan, here's a link to a couple more smiley beads.


at Rings & Things

Lisa said...

Hi Dave, I hope you head back here again. I just wanted to say, THANKS for the link. I just love that smiley cube, how adorable. Thank you so much for sharing, I will definitely be investing in some of those!!

Barbara said...

That is adorable, Lisa! (Didn't you just love that scene in Forrest Gump? Cracked me up!)

Happy Beading!

Dave Robertson said...

Lisa, I'm glad you liked the smiley beads we have. You'll enjoy them when you order some.

You know, we have about 20,000 other items, so if you ever need A Bead A Day idea, we can help out a bit. ;-)

at Rings & Things