Friday, August 15, 2008

Wire Twists

Happy Friday!! Today's earrings are so simple, but they look rather complex. All you need are two ear wires and about 12 inches of craft wire for each earring. Start by putting the ear wire on the length of craft wire and bringing both ends of the wire together so the ear wire is in the middle of the wire. Give the wire a few twists and then you can start adding beads.

Add one bead at a time on each of the 2 wires coming off the earring. put on the bead and leave at least a half inch or so of wire from the ear wire, bend up about another half inch of wire and begin twisting. Continue adding beads on each wire until you have about an inch left. I added a larger swarovski bicone to the bottom of this earring for some extra sparkle.

Now you can just join the two sections by twisting them together and molding them into a form that you like.

Pretty simple!! Have a great weekend!!

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