Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Green Bracelet

This week's bracelet happens to be a gift I received from my Dad during the last holiday season. I LOVE IT!! I love that he used all of the best materials for this and the green colors really POP next to the sterling silver tubes. AND, the VERY best part are the swarovski cubes. I don't even think he knew I had a thing for cubes at the time he made it.

I just happened to have worn this the other day and thought, gee, I should showcase that for this week's bracelet. I hope it gives you a warm happy feeling like it does for me.

Take care!!


Dean said...

I think i got how to do this now. Wow, wait till i show daddy the bracelet he made you being spotlighted. he is next door right noe, but i will show him and your comments. will make him feel good. hope beading is going well, love, mom

Dean said...

Read your blog showcasing the bracelet I made for you. Are you trying to make your old dad cry?
Just remember, it was made with love!
Love you, Dad

Carole said...

I think it's so cool that your dad made this.

I love that clasp!