Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lilly Pads on a Golden Pond

I just love this vintage amber bead. The white embellishments did remind me of lilly pads and the amber made me think of golden sunshine on water. Just those words seem to make me happy. You really can't go wrong with interesting or unusual vintage beads for creating interesting or unusual pieces!

This one fits the bill and would look great in so many different ways. I'm thinking of bringing out the white in the "lilly pads" by using some bright white beads, possibly flat discs in white among some amber colored round swarovski a/b rounds. I'm picturing a person wearing something like this, but it sort of seems like the person should also be wearing a hat and gloves.

Maybe that's because I have the movie, "Now, Voyager", playing in the background. Who knows where creative thoughts come from.....

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