Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pink Stone

Today's bead is a very shiny rhodonite stone. Nature is quite unbelievable at times, it is no wonder so many people appreciate what is called "science fiction". It is not that far off from reality sometimes. It's hard to believe this is manganese insolicate, which crystalizes as a rose-red color tending to brown because of surface oxidation.

Honestly, this is just a tad over my head. Take a look a this chemical composition:

Calcium 1.55 % Ca 2.17 % CaO

Magnesium 0.38 % Mg 0.62 % MgO

Manganese 38.29 % Mn 49.44 % MnO

Iron 0.86 % Fe 1.11 % FeO

Silicon 21.75 % Si 46.53 % SiO2

Oxygen 37.17 % O

This is nothing less than a miracle!!! Don't you think so?

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