Monday, August 11, 2008

Angular Shell Bead

Today's bead is unique because it is drilled across the pointed section. This means when you put these on stretchy cord you will get a great effect when pulled very tight. All of the beads sort of flip up in opposite directions rather than lay flat. It's very cool. The key is using stretchy cord.

I wouldn't have known about this special effect if it hadn't been for a co-worker who bought a strand of these beads while on vacation. The bracelet came apart so I didn't realize it was pulled tight. It took me forever to get the beads to all lay down nice and neat. I wondered how she could wear it since it seemed like it would be too big. When I took it back to her and it fell right off her wrist, she explained that the beads stuck up every which way.

That sent me back to the drawing board! If you have had success with this technique, I hope you'll share a link back to a photo so we can all see it.

Have a great evening!

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