Saturday, August 2, 2008

Great Glittery Slap Bracelet!

Hello and happy Saturday! Since today is bracelet day, I wanted to share this one even though I didn't make it myself. I bought this one in a pack of a dozen for $3 earlier this week. Within walking distance of my work is a great place in downtown Columbus, Ohio called the Yankee Trader. This is one of those stores where you can find things you probably remember from the back of old comic books or the treasure chest at the dentist office!

Metal, geometric shaped magic tricks, trick gum, magic 8 ball key chains, pencils with everything from smiley faces, dinosaurs and aliens! They also carry any kind of party theme supplies including life size cutouts of Elvis!

In addition to the pack of glittery slap bracelets, I also bought smiley faced stress balls and smiley face pins. The most important thing you get when visiting the Yankee Trader is free...lots of real smiles! What a great way to spend the lunch break!!

Have a great evening!

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